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Who is Aquesta?

Aquesta Bank is the largest and fastest growing commercial bank headquartered in the Lake Norman area.  Aquesta Insurance services, Inc. is one of the largest full service independent insurance agencies in the state.  Together, they are owned by Aquesta Financial Holdings, Inc..

Aquesta Bank was created in 2006 and has expanded to eight full service branches primarily in the Lake Norman area (15 miles north of Charlotte, NC) and with additional locations in Charlotte and Wilmington.  Aquesta Bank’s focus is commercial lending although it also provides residential construction and permanent home financing.  By deploying the most recent technology (e.g., remote deposit capabilities for both business and personal use) and superior customer service through fast customized decisions, Aquesta Bank’s growth has exceeded its competitors.

Similarly, Aquesta Insurance has focused on providing superior, personal assistance to both business and personal insurance customers.  Loss control, expedited handling and similar services sets Aquesta Insurance apart.

Aquesta’s goal is to balance growth of assets (loans) and profitability.  We believe this approach provides the best long term value to our shareholders, customers and employees. To achieve this goal, we strategically hire excellent market makers in strategic locations, often working for Aquesta out of low cost formats such as from their homes.  As a market maker’s loan portfolio grows large enough to cover costs, we look to expand with more substantial presence, such as a branch or loan production office.

Outstanding customer service is fundamental to any attempt to grow a business and so it is with Aquesta.  We hire those individuals with demonstrated attitude and ability to provide the highest level of customer care in the market.  To date, this approach has set Aquesta apart from our competition allowing us to provide higher returns to our shareholders.

We thank you for your support of Aquesta through your investment and, often through your business relationship with us.

– Jim Engel, CEO and President of Aquesta Bank

Why Aquesta?

Personal service, fast decisions, innovative loan and deposit products, superior insurance coverage are just the beginning.  Most people choose Aquesta because they understand that when they really need a bank they will want the bank to know them.  Aquesta strives to know and understand its customers’ financial needs.  While on a day to day basis, most customers are not looking for personal services from their banker or insurance agent, our customers know they can count on Aquesta to be there for them when there are sudden changes in their lives.  New jobs, new businesses, changing homes, etc. are all times when you will want to know your financial advisor and you will want them to know you.  This is the primary difference between Aquesta and the others.

Aquesta stock is traded on the OTC Exchange under the symbol AQFH.

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Shares of Aquesta (AQFH) are now traded publicly.  Check with your financial advisor for more details.

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For more information , please contact:

Laura Engel
Shareholder Relations for Aquesta Bank
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Cornelius, North Carolina 28031
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